--Stainless Steel Egg Separator, Filters Yolk from White with Ease - Kitchen Gadget for Cooking and Baking with Non-Slip Rubber Coated Ergonomic Handle - Dishwasher Safe

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  • QUICK, EFFICIENT, EASY TO USE! If you are peeling 1 cob or 20, you want to do it quickly and efficiently with as little fuss as possible. When you've finished using it, rinse in warm water or put it in the dishwasher. Store efficiently in your gadget drawer or hang it by the handy ring.
  • YOU LOVE TO SERVE FRESH COOKED CORN but you don't want everyone to end up with sticky fingers and corn stuck between their teeth - the Yarmoshi Kernel Peeler with durable stainless steel blade removes the kernels effortlessly and efficiently. The perfect size and shape, it removes rows of corn from the cob in one easy swoop.
  • EVERYONE CAN ENJOY THEIR FAVORITE VEGETABLE! When you strip the corn from the cob everyone can enjoy it. Even the young who are missing teeth, people with braces or dentures or those who prefer to eat with a fork and not their hands.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE the Corn Stripper is designed to protect your hands and is much safer than a knife. The rubber coated ergonomic handle will not slip and provides a firm grip with extra comfort while you are zipping your Maiz from the cob.
  • LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GIFT FOR SOMEONE WHO LOVES TO COOK This is it! The purpose of a practical gift is to make life easier and this does. PLACE IN YOUR CART and start whipping up recipes with fresh corn. No need for cans or frozen corn.