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7 Gallon Garden Grow Bags - Waterproof for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Pack of 5

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  • ✔️ Premium Quality: Made from premium quality felt cloth, these gardening grow bags come with two double stitched Nylon handles which makes the bag durable and long lasting.
  • ✔️ Secure Handles: Two tough, double stitched handles are secured on the sides of the fabric pot that makes handling these bags easy. The handles will help to relocate the plant bag effortlessly without damaging the plant.
  • ✔️ Biodegradable Bags: The strong high quality breathable fabric makes the grow bags water-permeable that allows for good health of the vegetation. The biodegradable material helps in up-taking the minerals from the soils and helps in draining the excess water, also allows the roots to bind properly. These qualities make this grow bag perfect for outdoor or indoor plant growth.
  • ✔️ Provides Growing Environment: These plant grow bags helps in growing plants in the most efficient manner. It provides the plant with the required amount of water that is needed for better growth and drains excess water and toxic material from the bag. Gives the plant access to get maximum oxygen. It provides suitable soil temperature for best growth, it shifts the temperature according to the weather conditions. Also, provides an innovative and alternative way of traditional gardening.
  • ✔️ Multiple Usage: These Gardening grow bags can be used to plant your favourite plantings in the outdoor or indoor settings. Along with using these bags for flowers it can also be used to plant different vegetables like garlic, onions, apple trees, and many more. It is best used for both small and big plants and allows you to use the best quality soil for better growth Along with that these grow bags are easy to move ,whether you want it outside in your garden, terrace, or inside the house.
  • You get a Set of 5 Bags, 7 gallon/26 litres capacity